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Winsford Gardens is a piece of paradise, steeped in local history.


You can add to the memories that have already been made on this gorgeous site by creating your own wedding to remember.


How Winsford Gardens Came to Be

After WW1 ended, the NZ government balloted a number of 10 acre “wilderness” land blocks to returning soldiers. If the soldier had successfully broken in the land and was still living there after 5 years the land was gifted to him.


That was the case with our patch of paradise.


The soldier who won the ballot for what is now Winsford Gardens chose to plant 200 Totara trees. Those trees are still standing today and form the basis for what the rest of the gardens are developed around.


Around 20 years ago Peter and Dianne entered Winsford’s story

Peter is a gardener by trade and has worked on some of NZs larger gardens. In fact some of his gardens have won prestigious competitions.

Over the years Peter and Dianne have created many beautiful landscapes around the Totora’s at Winsford Gardens. From large ponds and waterways to unique garden art.


The photo opportunities are endless.

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